Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Dodge Ball

I played in the second Federal Way dodgeball tournament last night. We basically got our asses kicked. My head really wasn't in the game for some reason, probably distracted with all of my projects. It's a double elimination tournament and each round is best 2 out of 3. We lost 4 in a row. I was really frustrated until the last game. I finally had my head on straight and lasted for a really long time. I was the last to go and felt like I'd finally played my own game when it was over.

I stayed until the tournament was over refereeing the other contests. As we got closer to the finals it got really close and a lot of heated arguments broke out. I now have a real appreciation for how referees feel in professional sports. You have to make a call and sometimes it's not a popular one. What's even worse is that dodgeball doesn't have a single ball to follow. While you're watching a play on one side, another play could happen on the other, necessitating a ruling. It's definitely helpful to have more than one official.

The winners of the first tournament also won last night's tournament. It was really close and a lot of fun to watch. The top three teams are advancing to the city tournament in Seattle sometime in April. All of the YMCA's in the area are putting on tournaments and advancing their three best teams. It should be a blast to watch.

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