Monday, September 12, 2005

iTrip Fun

Had some fun on the way to work this morning, while listening to some podcasts. I have an Apple iTrip that transmits audio from my iPod to my car stereo, this enables me to hear without using headphones that block out potentially important background noise like sirens, etc. As I pulled past a white SUV on I-5 this morning, I noticed the podcast I was listening to started to get really fuzzy. I noted that the driver of the SUV also had an iPod with an iTrip attached to the top. How did I notice this? She was waving the damn thing around her car, ostensibly trying to improve reception. It seems that my iTrip and her iTrip were tuned to the same channel and were interfering with each other.


Normally I just pull past people and zip along on my merry way. This time, I figured I'd have some fun and pace her for a while. Granted, my podcast was obliterated with a lot of fuzz and occasionally some of her music. It was fun (in that "trainwreck" sort of way) to watch her try to figure out where the sudden spate of interference came from.

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