Monday, November 28, 2005

Driving Habits

The other day I was wending my way through traffic. As I normally do, I was on a constant scan for holes that would allow me to advance my position in the flow of traffic. After exploiting a few opportunities and stopping at a red light, I noticed a blond woman that I'd passed (and been passed by) a few times, looking at me really annoyed, as if to say, "all of lane changing and it didn't even get you anywhere". In the past I've had people ask me as much, when I told them about the way that I drive. Is it so hard for people to realize that I'm totally cool with driving the way that I do, even if it gets me to my destination slower some of the time?

Let me say one thing before we go on though. I'm definitely not one of those jerks whinging my way from lane to lane so fast that my back can be seen swerving. I give plenty of space between me and the car in front of me, and I do not change lanes unless I have room to do it safely without causing people to tap their brakes.

What I do do is constantly exploit growing gaps in order to make it through traffic in a more efficient manner. I find this activity interesting and fun. My mind is constantly calculating vectors and lines of sight. I fully acknowledge that it does not always result in a more efficient path through traffic. In fact, many times it results in a loss of favorable position. I really am ok with that. What I've gotten out of the experience is a respite from the usual boredom that driving brings, perhaps some time savings and an opportunity to improve my driving skills.

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