Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another one from the FRC...

Another doozy from our friends at the FRC (Family Research Council).

Taxes Cut, Deficit--not Sky--Falls

Liberals wrung their hands when President Bush first
proposed tax cuts back in 2001. It would ruin the economy
and balloon the deficit, they wailed. Now, we are seeing
the deficit falling rapidly. This year's deficit of $296
billion is 30 percent lower than projected just last
February. That's a $127 billion decline from that February
forecast. Revenues have increased, accounting for 90
percent of the deficit reduction. This is an historic
moment and President Bush is right to call attention to the
success of his pro-growth economic policies.

WOW! This is an amazing example of newspeak. Where do I begin...

First, this nutjob is assigning causality to a taxcut. There's no evidence whatsoever that a taxcut is what stimulated the economy. Big hint, taxcuts do not reduce deficits, tax revenue reduces deficits. It's the same as when you use your credit card less because you have more cash in the bank. The only causal factor that you can possibly imply (and it's still not proven in this case) is that taxcuts stimulate the economy which might lead to increased tax revenue.

Second, perhaps it would be inconvenient to remind the FRC that the Clinton administration managed to eradicate the deficit and had us on the way to paying off the national debt in 14-ish years. Unfortunately, we (once again) have a ballooning national debt that (according to the FRC) is growing slightly slower than projections. Big whoopy, it's still growing and would have stopped growing and would have reversed if it hadn't been for this taxcut.

Third, perhaps the FRC doesn't realize that they are a strong supporter of communism and regimes that do all they can to quash independent religious expression. Just who do they think is buying up all of our debt? If they had half a clue they'd realize that foreign governments like the Chinese are buying it up. The national debit is a lever other governments can use to manipulate the US. Don't believe it? Debt maintenance is now the 3rd highest budgetary priority. At the rate we're going, it won't be long until debt maintenance equals the tax income and we have to start going into debt to pay the debt maintenance. At that point, we're going to have to bow down to a lot of nations in order to get some debt relief.

FRC supported those tax cuts, especially the pro-family
portions of the tax package. Now we see that they are
working to the benefit of all Americans.

Huh? Pro-family? Perhaps this guy failed to see that the taxcut benefited the rich disporportionately. George Bush himself got a taxcut equal to the entire average income of a middle class family, while said average middle class family barely got enough taxcut to cover a few tanks of gas.

Oh but I digress. You say that "we see that they are working to the benefit of all Americans", but you never show us how. You just threw out that goofy statement and unfortunately a lot of your readers are simply going to lap it up like the religious automatons that they are (And yes, I am a Christian. I believe the lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins. I do not, however, use that belief as a cudgel to manipulate others. Jesus said to "Spread the good news", he did not say to manipulate and deceive.).

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