Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rush: Stop Worrying About Your Rights!

These days I pretty much exclusively listen to C89.5 on the radio. They've got a great mix of heart pounding dance music. Lots of fun to listen to. I used to listen to AM talk radio, but finally had to stop because it was adversely affecting my mood. Old habits are hard to break through and about once a week I'm compelled to do the rounds on the AM dial. At the far right of the dial at 1090 is Air America a left wing station. On the far left of the dial is 570 KVI a moderate right wing station. In the middle is 770 KTTH, the ultra conservative right wing wacko station. Only in Seattle would the liberals be on the extreme right, the moderate conservatives on the extreme left and the wackos right smack dab in the middle.

So anway, today I landed on 770 for a while and caught some of the Rush Limbaugh show. It was only about two minutes, but I could have filled about 3 or 4 pages of commentary on the logical falacies he spews. There's definitely a job opportunity for someone well versed in linguistic logic to poke holes in what he says on a daily basis. Something like "Rush Watch" would be a real hit, especially if everything was supported by clear and unambiguos logic (even when it was inconvenient to one side or the other). It would definitely provide lots of fodder to his critics and help people wake up to the BS he's spewing. At worst, it would force him to spend a lot of time watching what he says more carefully and backtracking (more than he usually does) to "clarify" himself. With his gift for speaking, it might actually make him a useful asset to this country! *GASP*

In the 2 minutes I listened to him today, he spaketh this little gem, " need to stop worring about your rights and start worrying about your responsibilities...". He was speaking within the context of this country, "...being at war..." and that it's your responsibility to support the war effort.

Where does one begin with this... It's a free country, I don't *HAVE* to agree with the war, nor do I have to support it. That's not the most important part though. The key is to see that he's trying to separate the concepts of rights and responsibilities. If you care about your rights, you should know that your rights are your responsibility! That's, presumably, why we're at war, because we take our rights seriously enough that we're willing to attack someone who would dare threaten our soverign land.

I do support Rush's right to spew this drivel though. Let the market decide if it's interesting enough to pay him to do it...

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