Monday, August 14, 2006

Tony Perkins and the FRC

As I mentioned previously, patterns begin to emerge no matter how complex the topic. I just read an interesting article over at The Nation on Tony Perkins. Apparently the golden boy himself has consistently forgotten to mention that he was suspended from his job as a Baton Rouge police officer and subsequently resigned. This wouldn't be so bad, as it happens all the time for a variety of reasons that aren't always that bad. In his case though, he put a lot of officers lives in danger by failing to report to his superiors, a plot by anti-abortion protestors to overrun a barracade and storm an abortion clinic. Even this, in a sick and twisted sort of way, could be excused if Tony Perkins truly felt that he was somehow preserving life by putting others in danger. What's pretty inexcusable is how Tony Perkins conveniently forgets to mentioned the "suspended and later resigned for putting officers lives in danger" when he proudly trumpets that he is a "former police officer for the Baton Rouge police department".

Of lesser consequence is the revelation that Tony Perkins killed his political career by paying $82,500 for David Duke's list of political contributors. For those who don't recall, David Duke is a former KKK member who ran for several political offices and eventually had to serve 15 months in prison for tax evasion.

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