Monday, October 02, 2006

Discretion Advised! No Really!!!

I was going to post the transcript of the online chat that Representative Foley (R-FL) had with that 16 year old congressional page. After getting about 2 pages into it, I was disgusted and decided it wasn't worth the baggage to have it in this blog. What I will say is that it's now becoming clear that GOP leadership knew about this for a very long time and, like the Catholic church, tried to cover it up.

A poster named VannaB summed it up nicely in response to this article: "...isn't the irony so delicious? I mean here's the GOP, party of "family values" and the first line of defense against the so-called "gay agenda" and here's one of their of their important, powerful own, in a Congressional seat they need BAD, and oooopsie he's a pedaphile. You can't write scripts soapier than this."

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