Monday, February 20, 2006

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A gentleman named Joe Flynn has come up with a dramatically new type of electric motor. It is NOT a free energy or perpetual motion machine or what have you. It's just a really innovative electric motor design based on a very simple magnetic phenomenon that is resulting in motors that are up to 98% efficient.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jack Abramoff and the Native Americans

I really like this article. It was purposely written in only a few paragraphs to make it easy to understand. It explains what this whole Jack Abramoff furor is all about and how it goes *WAY* up the foodchain. In a nutshell: A lot of native Americans got their trust land taken away in the Dawes act of the late 1800s. The idea was that the government would "rent" out their land to ranchers and mining companies and pay the rent back to the native americans who had rights to the land. The payments never happened, thus the Cobell vs. Norton class action suit. As it turns out most of the records that show how much the government owes have been "lost or destroyed". Thus the lawsuit seeks to open the books of the industries that used the land. Jack Abramoff comes into the picture because he greased a lot of pockets to help the republican lead effort to prevent industry from being accountable.

Aren't the Republicans supposed to be the party of accountability?