Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lathe Stand

Got my metal lathe mounted on the stand last night. I felt very mortal while doing it. Swinging 1100lbs of solid iron around isn't something you do lightly. I had to rent an engine lift to do the deed. The whole time I had it suspended in the air, my "mind's eye" could see it crashing to the ground. In the end, I managed to get it bolted down to the stand without a hitch!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I noticed only after taking them that the lens on my cellphone camera had a bunch of crud in it.


ydna said...

So much nicer doing this kinda thing with the right equipment and plenty of headroom. Onetime I helped my dad mount a vertical milling machine onto its stand in his basement in West Seattle. We used a system of railroad ties to build "stairs" to walk the beast up onto the stand. The head of the unit had to fit up between joists.

Never again.

ydna said...

Oh, and: Very nice looking machine. Is that a a Grizzly? Maybe a 12" x 24"?

chuckwolber said...

That's pretty much how I got it off of my truck. I used a bottle jack and some bricks to inch it forward onto a set of makeshift rails. Each rail was made from 2 2x4s and 1 piece of malamine that ran the length of the 2x4s. The malamine made the surface slippery enough that the crate slid right on to it (although I did use some cinch straps to hold 'em in place as a precaution). The rails were supported by landscaping bricks I had around. It was slow work because the crate kept angling and I had to shift the rails to match the angle.

Once the crate was on the rails, I attached some cheap casters to the bottom of the shipping crate and slowly jacked the bricks out from underneath the crate. From there, I just wheeled it into my shop, peeled away everything but the base of the shipping crate and used the engine lift to do the rest.

chuckwolber said...

Thanks. Yes, it's a grizzly 12x36. The model number is G4003.I spent a long time figuring out which one I wanted. The Seattle Metalheads mailing list helped out a lot, those guys are just incredible.