Friday, October 10, 2014

Inspiring Action

I propose we stop venerating individuals and refocus our national holidays (if we must have them) on actions. Replace Columbus Day with "National Curiosity and Exploration Day", and MLK with "Civil Rights Day", etc.

Yes, I recognize that Martin Luther King Jr., and Christopher Columbus are meant to be symbols of certain types of action that "We the People" wish to inspire in individuals.

But if our goal is to truly inspire action, there is a fundamental problem with this approach... It turns into an argument, and that is the furthest thing from inspirational.

Just like no two people can agree on how to worship their god, no two people are going to agree on the same symbol for inspiring action. What is inspiration to one, is going to be disenfranchising to another.

I think it is fine for our elected leaders to inspire action among the citizenry, but leave the symbol of that inspiration to the individuals.