Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've been called worse by better!

Next time you want to call me names, just remember that I've been called worse by better.

A good friend of mine was fortunate enough to be chosen to attend a dinner with Richard M Stallman a.k.a. "RMS". My friend cast about for questions to ask RMS during dinner. Here was mine (which I am told was printed out and handed to RMS, rather than verbally paraphrased):

Ask him what he thinks of William Wallace (Character portrayed in                                                                  
Braveheart). Does he see himself as someone who wanted to be just an                                                               
average farmer, but got pulled into something bigger and more important                                                            
because his conscience would not let him ignore what was going on? Or was                                                          
he always scrapping for a fight and the free software issue seemed to suit                                                         
him well.                                                                                                                          
My guess is that it's the latter, but he is only capable of seeing himself                                                         
as the former.
And the response from RMS:

"This is hostile. Who wrote this? Fuck him."

Monday, October 13, 2008

A tale of two candidates...

This is the the vision John McCain inspires:

Ohio Christians !Againt! Baby Murdering Muslims for President
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This is the vision that Barack Obama inspires:
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

A sign?

I am an Atheist. I have rejected all forms of the supernatural. *BUT* if I were into "signs from above", how do you think I would interpret these:

2003: The US invades Iraq on the basis of faulty intelligence.

2004: Just prior to the presidential election, Osama Bin Laden releases a video taunting George W. Bush. The result is a 1-2% shift in the polls handing victory to Bush and ensuring that Osama Bin Laden gets to keep his recruiting drive running.

2006: Mark Foley scandal erupts just prior to the election, Democrats take over both houses of Congress in a landslide. George W. Bush later describes it as a "thumpin'".

2008: The global economy melts down just prior to the election, poll numbers climb out of reach for the Republican candidates still banging the drums of war and relying on hate speech and lies to run their campaigns.

Personally, I believe it's just chickens coming home to roost. You simply cannot expect to run a permanent campaign of deception and denial and not expect to see some backlash. *BUT* if I were a Christian fundamentalist, I can't imagine how the above facts would not give some pause to reflect on.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Social Security Privatization

Sooooooo, the DOW just dropped another 675 points to 8,579. Anyone wanna take a stab at how much support there is for privatizing social security at the moment?